Not trolls -TROLTROL!

In the colorful town of Truo, the wily Sourpuss marches on with his ambitions of becoming the worlds richest person. By crafting his irresistible soda “Stronk”, he intends on selling it across the land.
But things may not go as planned. A mysterious pair of kids have arrived in town and have already begun meddling. Fearful they may be on to his plans, he eagerly investigates. Meanwhile Baris and Cryspi pursue their own secretive agenda for the enigmatic Memento.
Wild, crazy, and often unpredictable, TrolTrol is a light-hearted tale that follows two youngsters (not trolls!), in an adventure that is far bigger than they realize. Filled with lively characters in a vibrant land, this colorful story will keep you guessing!



Volume 1 :

Flowers are for softies!

Baris and Cryspi arrive at their new home, as Conto sets up a special meeting with Circus Rakonti. Meanwhile Sourpuss pursues his own plans with the Mayor, yet remains obsessed with finding the origins of the mysterious newcomers. 

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